As part of steps taken to fight the spread of Coronavirus, the government announced that all exams that were due to take place in primary schools in 2020 and 2021 were cancelled. Therefore any national, regional or local statistics for any primary schools assessments for the 19/20 or 20/21 will not be published. All data displayed on this page is not current due to the Government cancelation of exams as a result of the pandemic.

Schools Performance Tables

If you would like to access the Schools Performance Tables published by the Secretary of State for Education on the Department for Education website, then please click the link below:

2023 Results

Key Stage 2 Results

National figures are detailed in brackets.

2023Expected Standard (65%)75% (73%)54% (71%)61% (73%) (78%)
Greater Depth (10%)32% (29%)0% (13%)14% (24%) (36%)
Reading Scaled ScoresMaths Scaled Scores
Reading Progress ScoreWriting Progress ScoreMaths Progress Score

Key Stage 1 Results

2023Expected (65%)58% (69%)54% (60%)63% (71%)
Greater Depth (11%)17% (19%)17% (8%)21% (16%)

Phonics Results

Y1End of KS1
202230% (76%)
202361% (79%)65% (88%)

Reception GLD Results

Good Level Of Development
202254% (65%)
202369% (67%)
St Augustines CE Primary School