School Council

The School Council is made up of representatives from each year group from Year 1 to Year 6. Two pupils from each year group were nominated and an election was held. During regular meetings, the pupils develop St Augustine’s to make it a better school and bring pupil’s wishes and ideas to the teacher representative Miss Dunn.

Clothes Collections to Raise Money for the School

The school council has been looking at ways to raise money to put back in to the school and buy new resources to support the learning of our pupils.

We know that after Christmas some of you may be having sort out of your wardrobe and are asking you to bring it in to school .We can take it to be weighed in and convert this to money for our school. Even if you have just one item to  contribute it all helps. You will be able to bring these clothes in to school throughout the month of January and we can get them weighed in weekly.

 Here is a list of things that cash for clothes will  accept:

What We Buy :

Clean, dry and re-wearable clothing :


Trousers                   Bras

Jeans                        Scarves

Sportswear               Baby Clothes

Tracksuits                Fur coats

Shorts                      Pyjamas

Jumpers                   Summer Wear

Suits                          Handbags

T-shirts                   Belts

Dresses                    Hats

Jackets                    Footwear in pairs

They will NOT accept the following:

What we do not buy :

· Towels

· Bed Sheets

· Table Cloths

· Curtains

· Wet Clothes

· Mats/rugs

· Carpets

· Work Uniforms

· Overalls

· Pants/socks


Thank you for your support with this,

Miss Dunn and the School Council