┬áSt. Augustine’s CE Primary School Local Advisory Board

Mrs Margaret Woodhouse is Chair of the Local Advisory Board and can be contacted via the school address 380 Bolton Road, Pendlebury, Swinton M27 8UX


Governor NameDate of AppointmentTerm of OfficeBusiness/Pecuniary Interests Appointing/Elective Body Other CommitteesVoting Rights on CommitteesOther Educational Establishments Governed
Simon Bramwell01.09.2017N/ACEO Vantage AcademyTrustNo
Margaret Woodhouse01.09.20174Non DecalredLABYes Chair of the Greater Manchester Learning Partnership; Chair of Trafford MBC Fostering Panel; Chair of Governors at Manchester Academy; Volunteer at Bishop Fraser Trust and a Trustee of the Rowan Trust
Diane Martindale01.09.20174Non DeclaredFoundation/LABYesNone Declared
Sarah Fletcher01.09.20174Member of Vantage Academy Trust YesSt James' Gorton
Jane Murphy01.09.2017N/Aprincipal Trust Ethos and EthicsYesNone Declared
Michael Fish01.09.20174Non DeclaredFoundation/LABEthos and EthicsYesNone Declared
Edward Atherton01.09.20174Non DeclaredLABEthos and EthicsYesNone Declared
Miriam Robinson01.09.20174Non DeclaredParent/LABYesNone Declared
Kirsty Pettecrew01.09.20174Staff MemberStaff/LABYesNone Declared
Michael Connolly01.09.2017N/AStaff ObserverNoNone Declared
Amy Dunn01.09.20174Staff MemberStaff /LABEthos and EthicsYesNone Declared
Joanne Hardwidge01.09.20174Non DeclaredParent/LABYesNone Declared